RP-HF400B has major problems with Windows 10


Everytime the automated 5m timer activates Windows 10 loses connection by the blue tooth


Then when re-switching the device on it only displays the "Hands Free" and not the "Stereo" device in the audio device list (in task bar)


This is really annoying. I will reset the device by holding the on-off switch and searching for the blue tooth device in the windows 10 blue tooth setting but usually the same problem persists


The "Hands Free" device is basically useless, has reduced quality and ALWAYS switches off after a few minutes of use


Do you have any advice, or maybe you could fix up the windows 10 interaction. maybe even create a driver so users have more control over the usability and arent restricted to windows 10 bugs

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  • I'm sorry: this Panasonic Industrial Devices forum is for design and production engineers that have questions about adding Panasonic Bluetooth and/or Panasonic Wi-Fi modules to a product.

    You can try browsing the Panasonic Consumer website through online articles or livechat - http://shop.panasonic.com/support instead.

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