How do I connect a set Bluetooth wireless headphones to my Panasonic Smart Television?

How do I connect a set Bluetooth wireless headphones to my Panasonic Smart Television?

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  • Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic product. 

     I'll offer a few tips to address your question, and follower with  a disqualifier.

    Check the Bluetooth profiles your television supports in the Specifications Section of instructions that came with your Panasonic Smart Television. The television must support one of these two Bluetooth profiles: A2DP or HSP. If your TV supports one of these two profiles, find the BT menu on the television, put the television is search mode, make certain you headphones are on, When the television asks; May I pair with Headphones" click yes.

    1.  The purpose of this forum:

    This Panasonic Industrial Devices forum is reserved design and production engineers that have questions about adding Bluetooth or WiFi to a product their company is planning to manufacture of tens of thousands. 

    2. Disqualifier

    The instructions presented here are only the opinion of Richard Trueman and do not represent the opinions of Panasonic Company.  Panasonic recommends that customers having trouble with their Panasonic equipment seek a Panasonic authorized service center for assistance with Panasonic equipment.

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  • If you have a samsung, sony, phillips, LG smart tv with bluetooth it's likely that the TV won't allow you to pair bluetooth headphones/speakers unless you buy specific soundbars/headphones matching your brand of TV. My samsung smart tv only lets me pair a samsung sound bar but won't pick up any other bluetooth audio devices. I was a bit annoyed by this and really wanted to play Zelda with my bluetooth headphones and didn't trust/want to invest in additional transmitters. After some research, I was able to unlock full bluetooth audio paring on my TV and I am now able to use wireless headphones while playing the switch (no transmitter/extra hardware required). This may or may not pan out for all of you, but it worked for me and thought you all might find this useful.

    Once you've successfully entered the service menu/mode on your TV, it will present you with a ton of additional TV features/options you can tweak/play with. This is where I was able to enable full bluetooth support on my TV. You may need to do some googling to figure out what menu options to choose to enable bluetooth settings on your TV.

    Edit: Select these options in the service menu to enable full bluetooth audio:



    2. (possibly optional) MRT -> BT SUPPORT

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