PAN9020 USB Interface

I sent over the PAN9020 to a potential customer looking to add Wi-Fi to their existing platform.  They came back with the following request.

It looks like USB 2.0 is supported on this module you sent over.  It looks like it might work, but I'd like to know a bit more about the host interface when used in USB mode.  Are we writing a driver on the host side to talk to these devices?  Do these chips have sample code or documentation available for that?


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  • The PAN9020U is using the Marvell Wi-Fi SoC 88W8782U.

    On the Marvell XtraNet there are Software packages with drivers, Wi-Fi SoC Firmware and sample code available for each individual Wi-Fi SoC device. These Software packages are Linux or Android based.

    After having downloaded the SW package it need to be extracted and compiled on the HOST system. Afterwards the Kernel modules (mlan.ko / usb8782.ko) need to be installed, the Wi-Fi Firmware will be uploaded to the Wi-Fi SoC and the HOST system creates an ethernet device mlan0 which is the API interface to the Wi-Fi Firmware running on the Wi-Fi SoC.

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