Wake up signals PAN1026(A)


In the PAN1026A product specification rev1.1 in the block diagram there mentioned two signals "Host wake up" and "Wake up" but at wich hardware pin's are they connected to? I'ts not that obviouse in the pin_function table.


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  • Hello Ed,

    there are not such signals. There is a mistake in the block diagram. We will revise the specification soon. The host can control the sleep modes over UART interface.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Ed,

    I'm sorry that we did not release the updated specification yet.

    For proper sleep mode handling between your host controller and PAN1026A the following pins have to be connected:

    • D4 - GPIO 0 - RequestWakeUp
    • D3 - GPIO 1 - Status
    • C6 - GPIO 4 - HostWakeUp

    GPIO 0 is used to indicate from the host controller to PAN1026A if PAN1026A is allowed to go to sleep at all.

    GPIO 1 is used to indicate from PAN1026A to the host controller if PAN1026A is currently sleeping or not.

    GPIO 4 is used to indicate from PAN1026A to the host controller that PAN1026A needs the attention of the host controller and that the host controller may need to wake up if it is sleeping.

    The difference between GPIO 1 and GPIO 4 is that GPIO 1 may toggle periodically because PAN1026A may wake up periodically for housekeeping, for example during advertising or scanning. If the host controller is sleeping, then GPIO 1 should not be used to toggle the sleep state of the host controller, because it will wake up unnecessarily.

    Instead GPIO 4 should be used, which will only toggle if PAN1026A wants to sent an event via UART to the host controller.

    Please note that this functionality must be enabled during the initialization of PAN1026A and does not work out of the box.

  • Michael Hunold 

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the information !

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