Does not recognize USB-HDD on TX-P42G20 Television

Hello ,

I have a question regarding recording on a USB-HDD attached to my TX-P42G20ES.


I setup the recording capability and it was doing fine, some hick-ups here and there.

Just tonight i pressed record but after a while i pressed stop recording but nothing happened i waited very long, i shut down the tv through the remote but the orange LED in front of tv kept burning indicating its still recording, so i pressed on but this time no image just black and the tv does not respond to the remote control if i want to switch channels.


So i switched the tv off through the button on the tv itself. After that i pressed on but now it didn't retrieve my recordings - it says no device detected - tried a few things ( different USB-Port ) etc. Nothing helped.


The recordings are very very important to me and i'm getting anxious. I went to the menu trying to change some options on the HDD - because this happened to me before , i got to the menu options ( not setup ) of the HDD just the basic options to choose for recording 180 minutes or REW Live tv etc , than it didn't recognize the HDD but after on and off suddenly it recognized it again - this time i thought lets go to the same basic HDD options and change nothing but scroll a little bit maybe that will help to recognize the HDD but that also didn't help. I did not went to the setup of the HDD because i feel i might lose all the recordings.


Its like the tv has to prepare the HDD for switch off so it can be recognized next time you switch on. This time it was busy and suddenly i pressed on/off switch on tv itself, maybe it couldn't prepare for recognition if you know what i mean.


So how can i make sure that the tv recognizes the HDD again without losing all the recordings ? PLEASE HELP ME !!

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