PAN9026-NXP I.MX6 demo board

Will this device support BT mesh in the future. 

It says that there is Linux Driver Support in the 9026 document. Can they provide a link to the driver source

and what Kernels it supports?

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  • The PAN9026-IMX demo board is a development platform with a standard Ubuntu 16.04 distribution (nothing special). It has installed the Kernel V4.13.16 (armhf) on a micro-SD card. The Kernel modules for driving the PAN9026 module (mlan.ko, sd8977.ko, mbt8977.ko) are already compiled and installed on the system (the 88W8977 drivers are not Linux main line).

    Currently the PAN9026-IMX platform's Bluetooth Low Energy implementation doesn't support Bluetooth Mesh Networking, but it doesn't mean, that the PAN9026 won't support BT Mesh in future. As it is a demonstarator and uses the BlueSDK BT stack from Open Synergy, we only provide the BT profiles for A2DP and AltBeacon as an example implementation. Further the support of BT LE Mesh by 8977 SoC Firmware is promised by Marvell for earliest end of the year 2018.

    Beside the BlueSDK stack, which is interfaced by the mbtchar driver module, it is also possible to use the common Linux BlueZ stack (using bt8977 Kernel module) instead of it.

    More details about the PAN9026-IMX you can find in the following document:

    The PAN9026-IMX platform you can order through our distribution channels. Please contact our sales in Munich for further information ( Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH /

    For getting the Marvell driver sources (SW package) of chipset 88W8977 used in PAN9026 please contact our sales team. They will take care about such inquiry.

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