PAN9320 with Host MCU


We are using PAN9320 (M/N: ENW49A01A3EF) WiFi module with external host MCU (ATmega168) and trying to communicate with the module by sending commands over UART1 dual interface.  But we read that the factory default operation mode of the PAN9320 is single mode and the usage of the UART1 dual interface needs to be configured at the customer content of firmware.

Q1. How can we configure PAN9320 to multiplex mode so UART1 dual interface can be active?



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  • Hello,


    thank you for your question.

    You are right this has to be configured by a customer configuration file and uploaded over the air. you can also do this via JTAG in production.

    the easiest way to use the file I attached.

    After uploading you have to press the factory defaults button on the EMK. after the restart the config is set.

    Then you can send commands via the UART1.



  • Thanks for your response!

    Is there a tool (Firmware programmer) that can be used to flash/load the updates to the module?


  • Hi,

    you can do an update easily over the air using this page:

    In production you can use JTAG to programm it.




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  • Matthias,

    The subject matter in this posting is unrelated to the original thread and has been deleted.  You may begin this post as a new thread. 

    Richard Trueman



    Hello Christopher,

    additionally to this application case:

    In the software user manual for the PAN9320, you mentioned examples/tutorials for Arduino Duo as a host-MCU.

    Are there any documents as sources to download available?

  • Hello again

    After some trial of updating the firmware we decided to use Single Mode. So we sent a string command ("get system firmware\x0d\x0a") over UART0 and waited for response from UART1 but nothing came back.

    We used the standard configuration for both UART0/1:

    1. Baudrate: 115200
    2. Databits: 8
    3. Paritybit: none
    4. Stopbits: 1

    We did connectivity test and both the MCU ready and MCU status LEDs indicates that the firmware is ready so why didn’t we get a response?


  • Hello,

    with Single Mode you mean you want to use one UART or both with each single functionality? Did you upload the file  I had attached here?

    if you did this, you can not send commands over UART0 anymore. You have to send them over UART1 as this is the one that provides then the functionality of UART0 and UART1 before.

    you have to send the data to UART1 and will receive the data via UART1.




  • Thanks so much for your fast response!

    We didn't upload the file and trying to use  UART0 for commands and UART1 for binary.



  • Christopher Hultsch Hi Christopher, it's a file of 1kb size?

  • Wifigurator is an assessment program given by Panasonic and yes it really has to be configured, It is a straightforward GUI that empowers the client to rapidly and effortlessly test and assess the distinctive elements of the PAN9320 module. Setting up a passage and arranging the module in framework/station mode.

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