Range in meters of PAN1762 in 2Mbps, 1Mbps and 250Kbps date rates?

Can anyone please inform about the range (max. distance between TX and RX) in meters of PAN1762 Bluetooth 5.0 transceivers? 

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  • That question is really difficult to answer, because the answer depends on a lot of external factors that may or may not be under your control.

    Factors that you can control that need to be taken into consideration:

    - Where is the module located in your product? (Influences both Tx and Rx performance)

    - What material is your housing made of? (Will decrease both Tx and Rx performance)

    - Do you want to use +8dBm output power? (Will increase power consumption)

    Factors that you can may not be able to control that need to be taken into consideration:

    - Do you use 2x PAN1762 or another device as a counterpart? Other devices may not have some output power or receiver sensitivity?

    - Where will the product(s) be used? Inside or outside? If inside, what obstacles will be in the way?

    Under ideal circumstances (direct line of sight, no obstacles like trees, no housing, devices mounted on a pole, ideal orientation, ideal weather) approx. 3 km using LE Coded PHY S=8 have been measured.

    Any deviation (other mode, obstacles in the way, housing, non-ideal orientation, etc.) will drastically reduce the distance though.

    So I'm afraid that general ranges in meters for the different modes cannot be given without knowing at least some of the factors that will influence the result.

  • See attached example from range test.

  • Michael Hunold Thank you for the prompt reply. The environment is outdoor. TX is expected to be mounted/fixed inside a sensor housing (made of plastic) floating on water body and the RX is expected to be on an aerial drone tracking the floating sensor (again inside plastic cover). While the water stream environment has trees, I expect the drone and floating unit to be always in line of sight. I intent to use 2x PAN1762 and run TX on +8dBm power mode.  

  • Mathias Hopp This is helpful. Thank you.

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