Need memory map of EEPROM within the PAN1026

Where can I find a memory map of the EEPROM within the PAN1026?  I note that there are hci_api_read/write_eeprom() commands in the SDK, and I also note that the initialization sequences use them.

I could not find any documentation on the eeprom, it's size, any out-of-bounds areas within, user-programmable areas, etc.

Thank you.

Jeff Jones

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  • Hello Jeffrey,

    there are used the first few bytes to load the Bluetooth address from the EEPROM into the RAM. You shall follow these commands as they are used in the API.

    The other part of the EEPROM is empty.

    Best regards, Ingo

  • Well, thanks, but you didn't answer my question.  How big (how many bytes) is the EEPROM?  The "first few bytes" means adr 0x00 thru 0x05 are reserved?  So I only need to stay away from the first 6 bytes?  As an engineer, I need specific details please.  I would like to store a few Link Keys in it, so I need specifics.


    Jeff Jones

  • Hi Jeffrey,

    correct only the address bytes are reserved. The size is 32kbit.

    Best regards, Ingo

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