ENW-C9A22A4EF connection problem



We have a problem about the ENW-C9A22A4EF connection.

Our customer designed a firmware for this module (script) which downloaded to the module by the radio waves.

He used a one (from vendor A) to connect to the PC by USB with special firmware.

The program PORTAL (Mfg is SYNAPSE) recognized this module as BRIDGE and connect through it with another modules.

However, all samples (from vendor B) can’t connect to this BRIDGE and the program unable to recognize them.

The modules from vendor A are able to connect to this BRIDGE without any problem.

Do you have any idea about this issue? thanks!

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  • Dear Moses 

    Please verify that indeed the two parts are ENW-C9A22A4EF.

    Is it possible that one of them is ENW-C9A22A1EF?

    Please take a picture of the PN on the each module.

    To clarify Vendor A and Vendor B relate to two different Distributers?

  • Yes, they are all ENW-C9A22A4EF, the one mounted on the board is a good one, while others are bad

  • Hello Gil,


    Any update on this? thanks!

  • Moses Fung Still checking, they are indeed the same and there is not immediate explanation to why.

    How do you test the ones that are not on the PCB

    When you say 'they are not working' what does it mean, please elaborate for the failure 

  • Gil Simsic the assembled PCB with the "bad" modules can’t connect to the bridge and the program unable to recognize them. Then we change the module to those from other vendor, the board works.

  • Thank you!

    I will look into to that...

  • Moses Fung

    The two modules are the same and should work ok

    The reason why one of them is not connecting to the Bridge is probably the channel that is selected via the tool!

    While using the Synapse tool please us the feature “Find Nodes” which, and make sure that the channel setting for is the same for the two modules. 

    It is expected that you will be able to connect after doing so.

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