BLE connection stability issue for SPPoverBLE.

  I am implementing SPPoverBLE profile using which I am planning to send data to from PAN1762 chip(not module) in Host Mode.
Using SDK 4.3
PAN1762(GAP peripheral/GATT server)<==>Mobile app/nRF connect(GAP Central/GATT client)
sequence as follows

    gap_state_info.gap_state = GAP_IDLE;
    ret = ble_api_generate_random_bd_address(
    gap_state_info.gap_state = GAP_IDLE;
    ret = ble_api_set_random_address(&bd_addr[0]);
    gap_state_info.gap_state = GAP_IDLE;

Had to make gap_state IDLE just to make underneath function calls working.

after this I am able to connect to module using nRF connect app,But after sometime(10-20 seconds) it gets disconnected automatically.
Can someone suggest what I am missing.

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