Does the PAN1026 support iPhone connectivity?

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    The PAN1026 supports Bluetooth Classic Apple iPhone connectivity. 

    An Apple authentication coprocessor -- i.e. MFI341S2164 -- and Bluetooth profile capable of recognizing the chip, iAP, are required to exchange data with an Apple iDevice or access an Apple iDevice application.  Customers using the Apple authentication IC must register as developer to become an Apple certified MFI.  License fees may apply, for additional information visit:

    Certified MFI -- Made for iPod, iPhone, or iPad -- developers may receive iAP profile for the PAN1026 free of charge.

    Certified MFI developers receive technical specifications describing the iPod Accessory protocol, the communication protocol used to interact with iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Developers also gain access to the hardware connectors and components that are required to manufacture iPod, iPhone, and iPad accessories.

    The PAN1026, iAP version 1, library and documentation is available free of charge to Apple MFI licensees for approved projects.

    Deliverables: Working demo in source code, with appropriate documentation.

    Environment: iAP runs on the host processor with the customer's application.

    To learn more about the PAN1026, please visit our series page.

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