I hope somebody is able to help me... I am playing around with the PAN1762 using V4.2.0 of the stack (host mode with an ATMEL SAM SAM E54). With the PAN1026 everything is working fine and I am able to run SPP over BLE or the Heart Rate Profile without any issues. When I am switching over to  the PAN1762 the initialization sequence fails ...

calling ble_api_srv_profile_init(&spp_over_ble_profile) the TCU_LE_GATT_SDB_ADD_PRIM_SVC_REQ (within register_primary_service()) returns an invalid command response ('09 00 00 d1 ff 02 00 d3 20')  ... obviously 'my' initialization sequence seems to be 'incomplete' for the TC35680 although it seems to identical compared to the examples of the SDK ... any hint would be highly appreciated ;-)

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  • ... just found the following hint ...

    'If user do not plan to provide the database handle values and expects firmware to allocate the handle values automatically then user shall include “ble_api_server_generic_database.c”. This feature is not supported for TC35680/81 platforms' ... and this was causing the problem described above ... make sure to include 'ble_api_server_handle_map_database.c' instead ...

  • The solution you found is correct.

    When porting from PAN1026 to PAN1762 ble_api_server_handle_map_database.c has to be used instead.

    The old API is not supported any more as indicated by the documentation.

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