PAN1026A - SPP "Service name" change.


A client has a line of devices using PAN1322 and non-standard service name and channel for SPP.  ROM-551 allows service channel change, but I could not find any information about service name.

Is it possible to rename the service name for SPP (not device name) in PAN1026A, or is it fixed to "Serial Port" and can not be changed at all?

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  • Is it possible to rename the service name for SPP (not device name) in PAN1026A

    I suspect that with service name you mean the service class ID (UUID) that is reported via the service discovery protocol (SDP).

    By default the standard SPP UUID is used and yes, this can be changed with the bt_api_spp_uuid_assign() function from the Toshiba Bluetooth SDK to an arbitrary UUID of your choice.

    Please note that the channel number can not be changed and is always fixed to 5.

  • Michael Hunold 

    Thank you.

    No, I meant "Service name". I am aware of possibility to change UUID.

    PAN1322 allows to change service name using the following command:
    AT+JRLS=<length_uuid>,<length_service_name >,<uuid>,<service_name>,<service_channel >, <CoD>

    Service name change was (unfortunately) used in the past and there is a need for backward compatibility. In PAN1026/TC35661 documentation I could not find any information about "service name" in SPP mode.

    -551 allows to change service channel.
    TC35661-ROM551 Application Note, 2017-03-03, page 45.

    "To change SPP server channel number of TC35661 (for accepting SPP connection request from remote device), Host can use HCI_LOC_WRITE_MEM command."

    We tried this on -551 and it works, on -501 it does not work (as expected).
    On -503 it should work (according to documentation).

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