PAN9320 Network Comms Mechanism

Hi All

I am writing some embedded demo software with a Wifi network comprising several PAN9320. One PAN9320 is the AP and the remainder are clients (STA).  The network seems to be correct with the PAN9320 clients being assigned appropriate IP addresses and the connections all seem established ie a WiFi status of 4 - ”Connected to the network”
For development I am using the  EVAL_PAN9320EMK dev board and this is acting as the AP and the clients are custom pcb’s with a soldered PAN9320 module. It is at this point that I am getting confused as I was hoping that I could use the HTTPC module on the PAN9320 clients to get/set data on the EVAL board web pages as per the eval board supplied tutorials. The problem being, is that I do not see any HTTP being generated by the client HTTPC module, I was expecting the PAN9320 client HTTPC module would take care of the authentication/connection establishment with the AP web server.
I only require the most basic form of data transfer content to represent the running state(s) of the embedded application software. I looked at the netcat module and I have had a netcat connection working to/from the eval board from a laptop via a simple Python ‘socket’ script. Would the PAN9320 AP netcat server support multiple netcat client connections?
In summary, what I would like help on is: what is the best mechanism to allow several PAN9320 clients to communicate with a PAN9320 AP


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  • Hi,

    thank you for your request.

    lets try to split your requirements a bit.

    for my understanding; you use several 9320s in STA mode that connect to one 9320 as an AP.

    now you want to communicate with them.

    via netcat: it is possible to communicate from one 9320 to another configured as one netcat server and on netcat client.

    this is a plain TCP connection and you need to assign the correct IP address you want to communicate with.

    this has to be handled and configured by the host controller connected to the 9320 as an AP.

    so the netcat server does support several clients when you reconfigure it. to broadcast data you would like to use UDP that comes with the 9420.

    for HTTP we can send you a simple demo webpage that show communication between 9320 webserver, the host MCU and a browser device, like a smartphone.

  • Hi Christopher

    Thanks for your fast reply. 

    Can you please send me the demo webpage, that would be very useful. 

    Best Regs


  • Hello Jon,


    Please feel free to contact me at

    As our expert (Chris) mentioned, you can set the netcet to be either Server or Client. This is all depicted in the Command Spec, which you can get at

    Chapter 3.12 (netcat) on page 52 will walk you through the commands...

    Below is some basic instructions for setting up the server (client is quite similar)

    1. Connect the PAN9320 kit to a PC using USB0 (UART0) 
    2. Using Device Manager identify the COM Port of the PAN9320
    3. Open Terminal and start the PAN9320 corresponding port (it is the highest of the two...)
    4. Enter the following sequence to configure a server
        set netcat mode server            # set the netcat to be a server
        set netcat tcp_port 12345        # set the TCP port you can choose your port#,

                                                            (UDP will come later...)
        set netcat auth off                    # no authentication 
        set netcat telopt off                  # no Telnet
        set netcat state on                   # set to ON


    Please note 

    1. The Server's IP address is

    2. The Clients' IP address should be set to the same, and if you choose the DHCP when connecting to the Master (which will also be you are ok

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