Spp characteristic is not shown in advertising


I am using developing software for PAN 1026 using SDK version 2.0.4. I want to use SPP service. While advertising i can device information service, generic access service and SPP over ble with UUID = E079c6a0aa8b11e3a9030002a5d5c51b.
But it does not show any characteristic in it.
I used the following function to initialize the profile.


Is there any other way to add the SPP service and characteristic?
Can you please help me to resolve the issue?

Waiting for your kind reply.




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  • When i used the android device to connect with PAN 1026 and sniffed the BLE communication using BLE sniffer. It shows that after discovering the SPP char. It discovers another characteristic with UUID zero.
    Can you please tell me is this a bug in the SDK that adds such a characteristic to SPP service?

    I will be thankful for your help.

  • I am using developing software for PAN 1026 using SDK version 2.0.4.

    Can you please confirm this? This version is very old and we cannot support it any more.

    Is there something that keeps you from using the most recent Bluetooth SDK 3.4.1?

  • It seems that you are now using the latest (as of today) Bluetooth SDK and that this discussion thread is now obsolete.

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