I'd like to use PAN9026 in a low power application with Cortex M4 processor for the purpose of BT connectivity and WiFi Scanning and 802.11mc RTT measurements only. I will not use WiFi for connectivity and can't use a full 802.11 stack or OS. Can Panasonic provide low level documentation for SDIO interface commands so that we may write very basic drivers to accomplish this limited functionality with a low power MCU?   Let me know.

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  • PAN9026 does not embed a full Wi-Fi stack and relies on the host application processor.

    In order to take full advantage of the features of PAN9026 you need a fairly powerful host processor, with a (preferable) SDIO 3.0 interface, which is capable of handling the features of the Wi-Fi stack that you want to integrate.

    In theory PAN9026 can of course be controlled from a simpler microcontrollers not running Linux, however the implementation complexity increases.

    But there are no dedicated non-Linux drivers available, so your starting point would be the Marvell Linux Drivers, which then need to be ported to your target system environment.

    In order to get access to the PAN9026 drivers, please contact your local Panasonic sales representative.

  • Ralf Hostadt Thank you, Ralf! I am the local representative for Panasonic. How do I get access to the PAN9026 drivers? My customer has asked a follow-up. 

    What I want to do is write my own drivers for our MCU that implements very basic functionality without full stack. The issue is I don't have any documentation for the SDIO WLAN or BT function interfaces. If you can provide access to the drivers, I can probably work with that to figure out the command format. At this point, I can initialized the device successfully over SDIO and read the info structures.

    Browsing Marvell's site, it looks like they may require an NDA so I have sent an inquired directly to them. Please let me know what you can provide before this is in place.

  • How do I get access to the PAN9026 Drivers?

    You need to inquire the driver sources at your Panasonic local sales team. For the inquiry you are requested to fill out a form with the project details. To get access to the Marvell XtraNet you need to sign an NDA. After having signed the NDA you will get access to the XtraNet and you are able to download the Linux driver package for the Marvell chipset 88W8977 (PAN9026).

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