Write a web accessible file to 9420 Flash or DRAM over UART

I have your 9420EMK development kit and I have it partially working.   I need some help with a specific part of the application.  Here is what we want to do:

Upon logon to our  9420 web site hosted water controller as a standalone access point (i. e. no connection to the internet), the user downloads the water  control website program (it’s always the same; implemented in HTML and Javascript)  AND a small file that contains the previously programmed valve and schedule parameters (the parameters are dynamic, the user changes these parameters with each logon).     The parameter file is about 2 – 4 kBytes  (it is currently 2K and we can live with that; we would like it to be expandable to 4K) of ascii encoded alphanumeric information.    We want to write this parameter file into 9420 DRAM or Flash and access it  as a script or JSON.   I have read through all available 9320 and 9420 materials, and I can find no method to write a file to Flash or DRAM on the 9420 module.   There is a UART Read command that might be made to be useful (page  54 of the WM PAN9420 Command Specification.pdf), however the documentation is insufficient to determine how to do this (i. e. there are no limits specified on how many characters may be read, or how the end of a read event is delimited, etc.).   There is also no way to test this command using the on-board (SevenStax) API interface (the API interface enables “Set” and “Get” commands; the UART commands are the only ones that are designated “Read” and “Write”), or with the Tutorial Web Examples ( a “Write” example is included, but not a “Read” example).   In the 9320 firmware documents: PAN 9320-EMK Communication Specification FW V1.7.0.1 and  V1.9.0.1, there are references to  “Send” and “Request” variables/parameters in association with software module CMDUART.   These references have disappeared in the equivalent WM PAN9420 Command Specification.pdf.   I tried plugging Send and Request into the SevenStax on-board API interface; both don’t work.  

How can we achieve our objective?



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  • Hi Steve,

    just for completeness;

    we will push out a new command specification in the next days. I guess Gil already answered your questions.



  • Steve, 

    I will contact you directly


  • I'm having the same problem to read data on the uart. I tried to use the binuart and cmduart

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