PAN1760A TX power setting


Recently we replaced BLE module from PAN1026 to PAN1760A. 

It is functionally working good, but it works only in 1 meter. It seems TX power is too weak. So, I tried to change TX power but there is no luck yet. Do you have any idea how to increase power level or connection activity range? We need at least 3 to 5 meters.

1. int hci_api_set_tx_power_tc35667(enum hci_api_transmit_power power) 

   it is not working since PAN1760A is not tc35667

2. enum ble_api_result ble_api_set_tx_power(struct tcu_mng_le_set_tx_power_request *request)

  it is not working since PAN1760A is ROM 002. 

3. ven_specific function seems not working. 


Do you have any other API that I can try?


Thanks in advance



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  • It is true that ble_api_set_tx_power() cannot be used for PAN1760A.

    However there is a different command: bt_api_ven_set_tx_power()

    According to the documentation it can be used to set both the general transmit power as well as the per-connection transmit power.

  • Hi Ji Yoon Chung
    Did you try the above API bt_api_ven_set_tx_power() ? Did it work?
    i am having a similar issue with PAN 1762.
    Thanks in advance!

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