Trying to upload FwOutput.fwu

I am having issues with updating the firmware on a PAN9420 ETW.  To outline my process I have modified the index.html found in /on/web.  I simply changed:
<div id=Site_Title class="m_title">PAN9320 - WiFi Home Automation Demo</div>
<div id=Site_Title class="m_title">MyTitle</div>

I then use WIFIgurator for PAN9420 (V2.0) to create the bin and finally generate the fwu file.  The module is independently powered and i connect via Laptop wifi eventually navigating to the "upload page".  The page requests password so I supply "admin", "admin"  which seems to satisfy the requirements.  

This page shows the current wifi firmware version ( and the mac address of the module.

I use the search button to select my newly created FwOutput.fwu file.  When I select the update option the page/module seems to take several seconds and then the status display changes to error with 0% progress.


This issue is similiar if not identical to "Wifigurator upload fwoutput.fwu" here:

I did not find the response particularly enlightening and was hoping that someone could lend me a helping hand in resolving my issue.

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  • Hi Thomas,

    thank you for the details.

    please try out the new released version 2.1 of the WIFIgurator;

    this should fix your upload issue due to improved scripts.

    let me know if it works.

  • Hello Christopher,

    Thank you ofr the prompt attention.  At this point I cannot locate the v2.1 WIFIgurator.  I did find a 2.0 version which did not change my scenario.  Can you please provide a link?

  • Christopher,

    I have had no luck in finding WFIgurator 2.1 on the NA website.  I did find it on the EU website when they released it 2 days ago.  

    As of this morning there does not seem to be any documentation or software on the NA website newer than  Oct 6 2017.   

    The software I pulled from the EU server seemed to install FwOutput.fwu but did not actually change the index page on the module.  On close inspection I saw this:

     It appears as though the data is transferred to the module but is never actually installed.

    So this all leads to several questions.  

    1. From these images... is there any indication of what I am doing incorrectly?

    2. What other data can I provide that will help us to resolve my issues?

    3. Is there a difference between the UE and the NA software?

    4. If there is a difference where and when will I be able to acquire the most recent NA version?

  • Thomas,

    good to hear the upload worked now.

    please try to clear the browser Cache and adress:



    LT3 will always remain the same.

    I will take care of informing the NA department.

    there is no difference.


  • Christopher,

    Using the 2.1 software along with clearing local cache has me functional.  I can now proceed with the project.  Thank you.

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