PAN1026A Power Off


I have a question about PAN1026A.

On the older module PAN1322, we had pin ON/OFF to turn off the module after the data was transmitted.

The new module doesn’t have that pin. I’m assuming there is the command which can force the module go to sleep mode, right?

Have you measured the power consumption in this mode?

I can use the external FET to turn off the power completely.

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  • This all depends on your use case.

    If you have previously powered off the PAN1322 completely, then you can do the same with PAN1026A by cutting the power to the module by adding some additional circuitry like a FET.

    If you need PAN1026A to go to sleep mode instead, because you want to wait for an incoming connection for example, then this is possible as well.

    Of course this requires more complex handling on the host processor side, because it needs to take care of handling the sleep mode handling GPIO pins and the necessary module commands.

    I don't have exact numbers for the power consumption, but do not expect miracles. If you have the possibility to turn the module off because your use case allows it, then turn it off.

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